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No one needs to walk around in Nong Khai being hungry or thirsty.

There are countless Thai Restaurants and Street Vendors both stationary and mobile, selling delicious Thai food. Many are spesialicing in the local favourite "Som Tam" or "Papaya Salad",

quite spicy so beware.

International bars & restautants comes in large numbers, anything from the most modest beer-bar to posh restaurants.

By the way, the Shopping-Malls have the usual lineup of franchice restaurants. Some with extensive menus and winelists. So after one has studyed the menu / winelist, and want to order a good meal and / or wine,

the laconic answer from the waiters quite often are "Sorry, No Have"


This is just an informal guide to Restaurants to and Bars scattered all around Nong Khai. As of the author's experience of the City are worth mentioning.

(all in random order)

Jing Joe Restaurant

Jing Joe Restaurant

We offer an incredible scope of both Western and Thai dishes, with well disposed staff and an agreeable laid back air.

Probably the best pizzas east of Suez !

Appels Place

Apple's Place

Located on the riverbank, the Restaurant got an exellent view to Laos. Food better tha average, many of the dishes originates from Austria.

Oasi Menu

Oasi Italian Restaurant

Said by a guest "One of the best pizza's I've ate. Thin and crispy and very good size, reasonable price too. I'd definitely recommend this Italian restaurant when traveling to Nong Khai"

Warmup Bar

Warmup Bar

This is one place to go if you want to get yourself high. Inexpensive alcohol coupled with live band and even disco. Popular with local youth. Often has live pop music.

Dee Dee Restaurant

When staying in Nong Khai this is a good place to have quick, cheap and good tasting Chinese ang Thai dishes.

DD's Restaurant
Noi & Brendan's

Noi & Brendan's Riverview

Bar / Restaurant

Nice food and very good service on a good spot directly on the Mekong riverfront. They offer Asian and Western food.

Mai's Restaurant

Western and Thai food, reasonable prices here and service with a smile. Mai (Owner & Cook) Invites to cold Beer and Cocktails around the Pooltable. Come in and Enjoy the Atmosphere.

Sunset Bar & Restaurant

Sunset Bar & Restaurant

If you like a quiet drink to watch the sun go down across the Mekong then pop into The Sunset B. & R. and if it close to sunset enjoy a wonderful view od the sun setting on the Thai-Lao Friendship Brigde.

Anchor Bar Logo

Anchor Bar

Moderately small yet extremely slick, and with the most delightful young ladies. They additionally got the best pool table and by and large the most present day setup.

Enjoy Bar


Hosted by Miss Rûng (Rainbow)

Cold drinks and Warm service.

Located next to Big Greg's Aussie Booze Bar

Moonshine Bar 2

Desription coming soon

Aussie Bar Poster

Big Greg's Aussie Booze Bar

A Bar with unblemished beer, a perfect reputation, never intentionally under charged and oozes the appropriate measure of off-base. Where you can do as little as you need and more than you can envision... (not been sued since April 2012)..

Alamo Movie Poster

The Alamo Bar (Open 12:00 to Abt. 20:00 - Sun. Closed)

Max , Moo and the Team are here to look after you in a relaxed and friendly enviroment.

The Guests always comes first.

Mackeys Riverside kitchen

Macky's Riverside Kitchen

Loose setting for supper by the Mekong with unrecorded music. Exquisite staff with enormous grins. Incredible Thai sustenance, awesome Western nourishment.

Danish Corner

Danish Corner (Formerly Danish Baker)

Nong (the owner) has done a huge facelift to the bar over the last year. Now seeing a rapid growing popularity by foreign guests. (Especially Danes) The Bar features a Pooltable. Very good location.

Wenokita Bistro

Wenokita is a western bistro where you can enjoy breakfast, espresso and western sustenance, for example, yummy Spaghetti. We make new bread each day from German Baker's.

Krua Ban Nat

Rooftop Restaurant Amanta Hotel

Offers live music and a great view over the Mekong River and Laos. Crowded during Weekends and Festivals. Advice: Book ahead for table during Festivals and Holidays.

Krua Ban Nat

Krua Ban Nat

Or Nat's home kitchen is a small restaurant serving home cooked meals. Both Thai and Western dishes. Friendly place, seating 14 persons outdoors and 10 persons inside.

Vientiane Restaurant

Vientiane Restaurant

Abt. 30 min. drive westwards on Rd. 242 fm. N. K.

Great food and a wonderful location quietly overlooking the Mekong river. Watched a chap fishing with a lift net whilst enjoying a superb meal

Daeng Vietnamese Restaurant

Daeng Namnuang

Vietnamese restaurant located on the riverfront. Super fast service and very nice food. Most of the time the place is packed, certainly on weekends. But it is worth a wait. Also sells prepacked takeaways.

Daeng Vietnamese Restaurant

German Bakery

Combined Cafe & bakery. Serves gigantic breakfasts. And bakes terriffic bread, rolls and cakes. As long as Rudi keep on doing his good baking, no other bakers are needed in Nong Khai.

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