Sight-Seeing destinations in and around Nong Khai.

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Interesting places and views in Nong Khai and a few

Hrs. driving distance away, well worth a visit.

In Udon Thani Province

Wat Kham Chanot

Located in Ban Dung, Tambon Wang Thong, around one hundred twenty kilometers from Nong Khai City, a place referred to as Wang Nakhin (Naga Place) a spot acknowledged and seen by nearby people as a problematical and holy spot wherever the trail to the underworld of Naga is found. Covering a zone of quite twenty rai of vary, Wang Nakhin (secretly named as Dong Chanot) is simply associate island enclosed by water. It's flooded with thick palm trees referred to as Kham Chanot.

Associate uncommon attraction on the location is many singing gongs in numerous sizes, individuals come back here to rub their hands on the gongs to form the right sound, and thus get connected to the Higher Powers.

Another issue individuals do here is rubbing chalk on the bark of the

Chanot palms to get the winning numbers within the Thai Lottery.


Pae Pan Rai

The northeastern province of Nong Khai has unveiled a new tourist attraction in Rattanawapi Sub-district. Covering an area of 5,000 rai, the new tourist spot, named Pae Pan Rai, features a large swamp and beautiful scenery. The place became a must-visit among locals and tourists immediately after its debut. Visitors can rent a raft to indulge in the charming nature, or treat themselves to tasty food offered by local restaurants. The introduction of Pae Pan Rai is a collaborative effort by villagers in Rattanawapi Sub-district who agreed to develop the community swamp into a new attraction and a new source of income.


Tha Sadet Market (known as) The Indochina Market

An extensive secured market running for seven streets along the

Mekong River offering stock imported from all through the Indochina area

and as far away as Russia.


Jom Manee Beach

Yes, Nong Khai has a beach! You'll see it 2km west of town, underneath the Friendship Bridge between January and June. When the Mekong river is low.


Prap Ho Monument

Arranged before the old city hall, the Prap Ho point of interest is a devotion to the people who fell in the midst of the Haw Wars (1865-1890), and in reality contains their cremated bones.


Tobacco Making Village

The villagers have tobacco farms on the rich fields alongside the Mekong stream. In the wake of gathering, the tobacco is sun dried on bamboo racks. A flawless spot for a days cycling, you'll find great scene, and see the standard strategy for developing used.



Issan Rum Distillery

A small family venue, French and Thai management.

Quote: “The rum is delicious and the welcome is warm.”

How to find the Issan Rum Distillery++ Go south from Nong Khai towards Udon Thani on Highway 2 and after the Caltex Petrol station on your left take the second road on the left and follow the road about 2 km, you will then arrive at the Issan Rum Distillery.


In Tha Bo Ampur

Luang Pho Ong Tue

Arranged in Wat Si Chomphu Ong Tue in Ban Nam Mong town, 43km from Nong Khai, Luang Pho Ong Tue is the greatest statue of the Buddha in Nong Khai Province. Staying at 4 meters tall, it is acknowledged to date from 1562 and is tossed from a composite of Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Phra Wai Klang Nam -- the "Sunken Pagoda"

The rest of the parts of a chedi which fell into the Mekong river in 1849 as an eventual outcome of stream bank errosion. In the blink of an eye only evident in the dry season, in the midst of the Mekong river.


In Udon Thani Province

Phu Phrabat Historical Park

The Phu Phrabat Historical Park is a remarkable site involving different fascinating normal rock courses of action which were made a large number of years back by chilly erossion. People possessed the site in the midst of an antiquated age 3,000 - 2,500 years back, using the rock formations as protected houses. There are a broad number of outdated rock centerpieces of the same time period all through the site.


In Bueng Kan Province

Wat Phu Thok or Wat Jetiyakhiri

Phu Thok also spelled Phu Tok), meaning "Lonely Mountain" in the Isan language, is a 359 m high isolated hill. Phu Thok has two peaks, Phu Thok Yai (yai = large) and Phu Thok Noi

(noi = small). Wat Phu Thok, an important Buddhist temple, is located in a cave near the top of the smaller peak.The summit of this massive rocky hill can be reached via a wooden walkway. The top has excellent views of the surrounding flat countryside.


This is not a usual tourist destination that comes 14 to a dozen, the place si well worth visiting.

Pictures & more from the "Stairway to Heaven" HERE


Getting there:


It's a day's round trip from Nong Khai. If you drive yourself, go east on Route 212 until you reach the village of Chaiyaporn, about 30 km east of Bueng Kan. In Chaiyaporn, turn right onto Route 3024, following signs for Tham Pra and Chut Na waterfalls. After 17.5 km, take a right in the tiny village of Baan Na Tong, and the temple will be seen on the right side after another 4 km.

Wat Kham
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Red Lotus Lake Udon Thani
Lotus Lake

In Udon Thani Province

Red Lotus Sea


Thale Bua Daeng - Red Lotus Sea. The correct name is Nong Han lake.


The lake is about 1 Hr. 40 minutes by car from Nong Khai. From late October to March countless red lotus flowers are in bloom.


From the small harbor you can rent a little boat in which one is ferried around the lake on a one-hour tour. The sight of the flowers is spectacular.


You should arrive at the harbor to see the flowers in full bloom before 11 am. In the afternoon, the flowers close again until the next morning.


A one-hour boat ride costs 500 baht for up to 10 people. A 40-minute tour costs 350 baht. From Udon Thani buses drive to the lotus lake daily, departing at 7 o'clock in the morning from McDonald's in UD Town. Price per person: 500 baht.


For more infomation about the Red Lotus Sea follow the link.

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Jom Manee Beach
Kham Chanot Buddah Statue
Temple Entrance Kham Chanot
Entrance to the Underworld Kham Chanot
Thai-Lao friendship Brigde
Pae Pan Rai
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