Local Festivals

Festivals and Bhuddist hollidays unique to Nong Khai.

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The Anou Savari Festival
The Anou Savari Festival

People waiting for nightfall to see the Naga Fireballs
Waiting for the Naga Fireballs
Image from the Chinese Dragon Festival.
Image from the Chinese Dragon Festival.

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Wat Pho Chai
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Riverside Promenade
Riverside Promenade in Nong Khai
in Nong Khai

Prap Ho Monument Fair.

Arranged before the old city hall, the Prap Ho point of interest is a devotion to the people who fell in the midst of the Haw Wars (1865-1890), and in reality, contains their cremated bones. Held at the Prap Ho Monument in the month of March each year.


Prap Ho Monument in front of the Old City Hall.

The Anou Savari Festival


Consistently, the Anou Savari celebration happens on the

fifth to the fifteenth of March and traverses a little more than

one week. Special to Nong Khai, the Anou Savari celebration is

the city's greatest street happening and is held in the festivity

of the thrashing of the Haw uprisings somewhere around

1886 and 1888. Road music livens the celebration while

diversions of “Sepat Takraw” are additionally played.

Siamese Army Flag of King Rama V

Siamese Army Flag of King Rama V
Phra Luangpho Sai Statue

Bun Bang Fai Fair.


Held in the 6th lunar month (May) each year. (Wednesday, 10th of May 2017) There is a rocket challenge to love Phaya Thaen, the divine force of downpour; this is the way that the neighborhood individuals request downpour.

A sanctuary reasonable will be sorted out in the grounds of Wat Pho Chai. Rocket shooting will be done on the field around 10 km. from Wat Pho Chai.

Phra Luangpho Phra Sai. at

Wat Pho Chai.


A very important part of the Songkran celebration. This is a two-country collaboration to create a celebration of grand proportions, where visitors can purify the ‘Phra Luangpho Phra Sai’ statue, which is Nong Khai’s significant spiritual icon. The parade goes around Nong Khai city only once a year to give a chance for both locals and tourists to pray for blessings.


Preparing for the Rocket Festival
Lazada Malaysia
Naga Fireballs over Mekong river.

Blast Fai Phaya Nak. = Naga Fireball Festival


This marvel happens toward the start of the full moon night in the eleventh lunar month.

(October 5-6th. 2017 at the end of Buddhist Lent). It can be seen along the Mekong River in the regions of Mueang,

Phon Phisai, Pak Khat, Bung Kan, Tha Bo, Si Chiang Mai, and Sangkhom. Blast Fai Phaya Nak

is a term utilized for red and pinkish flame balls, which as per conviction, have a place with Phaya Nak or the colossal serpent of the submerged world. On the day denoting the end of Buddhist Lent, an extraordinary number of individuals come to witness this wonder.



Thai–Lao Friendship Boat Race.

Held toward the end of the Buddhist Lent celebration consistently. About 12 traditional race boats in two sizes, with crews of 20 or 30 paddlers, will take part in the races; six from Thailand’s Nong Khai province and the balance from Hadxaifong district in Laos.


From the middle of August onwards, at nightfall along the riverbank, you can hear groups working on paddling upstream. Their long droning calls are utilized to arrange the strokes of the rowers and are a particular and sentimental component of August, September and October nights. The crews are all the more regularly comprised of young fellows.


As the season proceeds with the challenges turn out to be longer and more exceptional and the money prizes are bigger. The greatest celebration of the year will occur from the fourteenth to the eighteenth of October 2016 for Okk Paan Saa, the celebration praising the end of Buddhist Lent... an especially energizing time here in Nong Khai.


There will also be a street fair selling food and handicraft produced under the One District, One Product (OTOP) scheme from surrounding districts in Vientiane and Thailand. A Lao-Thai boxing competition and cultural performances will add to the entertainment.

Dragon-boat race.
By J A Forbes - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
Dragonboats ready to race.

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The most popular of the many Local Festivals and

Buddhist Holidays in Nong Khai Province and City.