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Buddha Park Head
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Wat Phra That Bang Phuan
Wat Phra That Bang Phuan

Sala Kaew Ku the Sculpture Park

A unique and spectacular temple complex containing over 100 giant sculptures, some over 25m tall, depicting icons of all major religions.

Sala Kaew Ku should be a part of the best Thailand tour.

Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku

Is a temple complex housing more than 100 giant concrete sculptures created under Bunleua Sulilat. He was guided into spiritual path by an ascetic hermit named Kaew Ku in his early life. The park is an expression of his spiritual realm combine influences of Buddhism, Hindu mythology, and animist folklore.

Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku is similar to his earlier creation, the Buddha Park. But Sala Kaew Ku is more expansive and some statues reach 25m into the sky. One statue depicts the meditating Buddha under the hood of a seven headed Naga snake. The park with nicely groomed gardens and a pond contains many more representations of the Naga snake along with animated Hindu gods and grinning Buddhas.

Sala Kaew Ku Wheel of Life

The park is unique in respect of the huge dimensions of the sculptures which are highly personalized under the artistic fantasy of Sulilat. The most expansive set of sculptures portrays the karmic Wheel of Life according to Theravada Buddhism. The last of the sculptures depicts a man crossing a border to emerge as an enlightened Buddha from the other side.

The main Sala-Mosque with the top floor housing Sulilat’s mummified body and relics from his life. The Bui Kaew Ku pavilion is a three storied building lying at the western side of the park. It resembles a building built according to his plans after he passed away in 1996.

How to get there:

Sala Kaew Ku is very easy to find. It is near Nong Khai town in Thailand very close to the Thai-Lao border and the Mekong River. It is accessible by bicycle, motorbikes, car and tuk-tuks from the city. It is located near the southern side of Route 212 with clear signs pointing to Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku. Or just find your way on the Google Map below. The park is open between 07:00 and 17:00.

Nong Khai Aquarium


Sirindhorn Aquarium Nong Khai


The Sirindhorn Aquarium is situated on the University grounds of Khon Kaen University, and is a piece of a staff in Nong Khai region, only a couple of kilometers from the Nong Khai city limits. Famous for its giant catfish and displays various ocean-dwelling species as well as freshwater species. A good place to visit and relax, with a picnic garden area and a few drink stalls also available. On weekends the aquarium puts on scuba diving shows. Admission charge for grown-ups 50 THB (Thai) 100 THB (Farangs).


Opening hours: 9am - 4pm Shut on Mondays

Check the map to find your best route.

Read the excellent article written

about the Nong Khai Aquarium

Nong Khai
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Another attraction of great significance is the temple

Wat Phra That Bang Phuan

Phra That Bang Phuan is a standout amongst the holiest destinations in the Isaan Region, in the North-East of Thailand, not minimum since this old pagoda is said to contain a portion of the Lord Buddha's bones.


A standout amongst the holiest destinations in Nong Khai Province!

Boasting a beautiful chedi that locals believe holds 29 Buddha relics.

It includes on old Indian-style stupa, numerous exceptionally

alluded Buddha pictures and a sixteenth Century Lao-style

chedi called Phra That Bang Puan. This is a calm place, which

permits one to walk around and appreciate the sanctuary

structures. A hefty portion of the old structures has signs

posted, clarifying Buddhism and the significance of the structure.


The site dates from between the first and third century A.D.

In 1559 the first chedi was supplanted with a taller Lao-style one,

worked as a showing of confidence by King Jayachettha of “Nakorn Chanthabouly Sitta tanakhanahood Outtama Rajathany” (Modern day Wiang Chan or Vientiane, in Laos)

as he spread his capital south over the Mekong River. For a long time, the landmark had inclined to the other side due to subsidence was lastly given way in 1970. The rebuilding of the Chedi by the Fine Arts Department was finished in 1977.


Remaining at 34.25m high, the excellent chedi is encompassed by various other littler chedis.


There are various other intriguing structures inside the complex, including the sanctuary limit markers and an antiquated stone engraving. The site is likewise home to the Sa Phraya Naga (lake of the Naga Serpent) from which water was scrubbed down recently delegated city rulers as a gift.


Wat Phra That Bang Phuan is 23 km outside Nong Khai direction to Tha Bo. (Road 211)

Phra That Bang Phuan
Latest Attraction in
Glass skywalk in Nong Khai
Nong Khai Province

Glass Skywalk in Nong Khai now open.


The absolute highlight and newest attraction in Nong Khai: The 16m long and U-shaped Glass Sky Walk with fantastic views over Thailand, the Mekong River and Laos. It's worth a visit, just for the thrill of the skywalk, the glass floor doesn't extend that far out however for me it was a bit of excitement. You have to walk on the glass floor either in bare feet or socks, although a limited amount of plastic thongs are supplied although to small for most male falang feet. The views can be a bit hazy on certain days although still worthwhile. The majesty of the Mekong flowing through the green border zone of Laos and Thailand will be memorable.

You can also walk down the cliff face quite a few steps though to a small grotto containing some small statues of Buddha and then shake a small container with a few dozen sticks till one drops out to tell you your luck.

Parking gets a bit tight on the weekend it's better I would think on a weekday and obviously less queuing to get on the skywalk.

Asia Peak

combined amusement park, shopping mall and beergarden.

Asia Peak, a uber improvement tourism complex

in Nong Khai.

During the day, it will be a wholesale, retail and restaurant space of over 400 shops, while in the evening there will be a night market. One section of market will have a retro vibe created entirely of shipping containers, hoping to attract young people and hipsters alike. An amusement park is also planned with four primary attractions: an 80m Ferris wheel (the tallest in Thailand), a swinging ship ride, a grand carousel, and a chair swing ride. There will also be a beer hall with 400 tables and there are plans to host monthly concerts at the venue.


SourcheThe Laotian Times.

And an introduction video

Asia Peak intro immage
Asia Peak on Facebook

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