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Nong Khai City, the Gateway to Laos, is the Capital of a province in North East Thailand that is famous for offering visitors a plethora of cultural, historic, and of course natural attractions.

Nong Khai City, with a population registered as 63600 persons January 2016. This excludes a great number of guest workers, from Laos and other neighbouring countries, and many of the expat comunity (known as Farangs) The Area is 607.5 km2. Mueang Nong Khai is divided into 19 sub-districts (Tambon)


Nong Khai City the capital of Nong Khai Province is located along the west bank of the

beautiful Mekong River which happens to be a natural tourist attraction for people from around the world. It is here that you can fish, swim, and enjoy a nice day in the sunshine.


On the riverbank is a thriving village full of quaint cafes, restaurants, and shops.

A large portion of the center of town, which also includes the riverbank, has been designated for pedestrian use only. This promenade stretches about 5 Km. along the riverbank.

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Google Map of central City of Nong Khai, Thailand

Victory Park Golf Club

Fancy a game of Golf? Victory Park Golf & Country Club is just 17 Km. out of Nong Khai

The Map over Nong Khai City is to help you find your way around the City. Use the "view larger map" link in the upper left corner. To get streetview and other functions. If you already got a Google Account you may sign in and add your own points of intrest. It may be a restaurant, bar, temple or any other point of your liking.
Tha Sadet market
Dragon Gate
Wat Pho Chai
The Sunken Stupa
Riverside Promenade
Old City Hall

A few landmarks around Nong Khai city.

Two large Nagas. With Laos in the background.
Thai-Lao Friendship brigde at sunset.
Updated: Nov. 25th. 2016

The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge or the Gateway to Laos is located in Nong Khai. It opened in 1994 and was the very first bridge across the Mekong River that connects Thailand to the neighboring country of Laos. It is truly a sight to see, and visitors will certainly find a great delight and thrill in crossing it.










Nong Khai is also known as Naga City due to the fact that many large Nagas, or giant serpent statues literally stand guard throughout this ancient city. In fact two enormous seven-headed Nagas are located at the main gate to the city. One resides in the city’s main fountain, and statues of these mythical creatures appear as protectors of every single shrine in the province.

A twenty meter Naga with seven heads even towers over the Sculpture Park. They are truly a sight to behold.













A world famous natural phenomenon takes place in Nong Khai each October. When the full moon marks the end of the Buddhist Lent holiday something magical and mysterious occurs on the Mekong River. Natural fireballs, called Naga Fireballs rise up from within the river and shoot high into the air for a couple of seconds before they disappear into the night air. Legend has it that the Naga produces these fireballs as a warning to all that wish to do harm upon the city. People travel across the globe in order to witness this breathtaking event.


Another site to see is the Tha Sadet Market, which is also known as the Indochina Market. It is a tremendous outdoor market located on the South Bank of the Mekong River and covers multiple streets. It is here that you will find vendors selling various products such as clothing, electronics, toys, hand crafted treasures, amongst a variety of other goods. It is the perfect place to stock up on souvenir gifts to bring back to friends and relatives.

In conclusion, if you have been looking for a unique travel experience that is sure to delight the senses than your search is over. Give Nong Khai Thailand a try. You will certainly be glad you did.


Planning a trip to Thailand and Nong Khai? Check out the local climate.

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Lao Thai Friendship brigde seen on New Years Eve.
Nagas guarding the entrance to Nong Khai
Typical Naga street lamp seen in Nong Khai

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Nong Khai City the Gateway to Laos

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Nong Khai Province

A pond with a bamboo clump close to it. The bamboo symbolizes stability, glory and continuity for the peaceful and fertile land.